Influencer Marketing Platforms to Make Money Blogging

There are 3 many ways I make money as a blogger for my lifestyle website The Gem: partnerships from influencer marketing platforms, connecting with brands directly, and income from affiliate marketing. Working with brands on paid campaigns through the websites listed below accounts for over half of my income! It’s taken me a really long time to find platforms like this which is why I wanted to make it easier for you by listing them here.

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What makes me credible to write this? Even though Blog Like a Gem is a new website as a space for me to share my blogging knowledge, I run an established, profitable lifestyle blog called The Gem.

Wondering how to make money blogging? These influencer marketing platforms provide ways for you to connect with brands and work together on paid projects! I've even included options for beginners if you're just starting out.

Sites I’ve Successfully Worked with for Paid Campaigns

  1. Social Native
  2. BabbleBoxx
  3. Clever
  4. AspireIQ (fromerly Revfluence)
  6. Tapinfluence
  7. Linqia

Sites I’m Signed up for but Haven’t Gotten Any Campaigns From

  1. ACTIVATE (I’ve spent a lot of time applying for campaigns on this one and still haven’t ended up with any)
  2. The Shelf
  3. Social Insiders
  4. Bloggers Connected
  5. Unity Influence
  6. #Paid
  7. Grapevine (minimum of 10,000 Instagram followers)
  8. Openinfluence
  9. Palm
  10. Cooperatize
  11. Shopping Links
  12. Influence Central

Other Influencer Marketing Platforms

  1. Brandsnob – You need a 5% follower engagement rate on Instagram
  2. InfluenceHer Collective
  3. Pollinate
  4. Wave Made Media
  5. Statusphere

Influencer Platforms for Beginner Bloggers

Some of these I’ve worked with and some I haven’t. These are only appropriate if you are brand spanking new as the pay rate is very low. Once you get a few collabs under your belt, do yourself a favor and focus on other platforms. Your time, effort, and work is valuable to brands and deserves adequate pay!

  1. AmbassadHer
  2. Heartbeat
  3. Muses

If you’re a blogger, what platforms have you successfully worked with? Do you have experience with any of the ones I’ve listed? Have any more to add to this list? Let me know below!

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